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Vicinity of Cobham Park Road in Warren
We currently have a sump pump in our basement, its now not working and would like an estimate on what repairs it would need or if we need a whole new one. please help before my basement is full of water!
Vicinity of Ball Drive in Warren
We had a large beautifully finished basement with pne hardwood flooring. For 31 years we have not had and problem with water but on Friday I noticed the carpet in a small room off the main part of the basement was wet. I called the plumber and he said it was leaking from under the wood. We had to rip out all that beautiful wood and also cut into the finished walls to find the leak. It is still flowing. We need to get this problem solved very soon.
Vicinity of Jackson Avenue in Warren
On Monday our basement was flooded with about 3-5" of water and they never put a drain in the floor. We founded that it was coming in the corner of the wall and floor in the foundation. I also see that you do foundation repair and at the opposite side of our basement the wall has shifted and has cracks in the foundation and has caused the walls on the 2nd floor to crack/seperate from interior walls.
Vicinity of Conewango Ave in Warren
Water seeping through few areas in the basement. Would like to use the basement as living space.
Vicinity of Redwood St. in Warren
I had waterproofing work done on my basement a while back and I guess I was remiss in asking about the servicing of the work. There doesn't appear to be any problems, but for some reason I was under the impression you guys checked on it from time to time because of the "service date" stickers and the like. Can you please re-inform me of the service check-ups? I'll, in the mean time, pull out the contract agreement to see if it says anything. Thanks very much. - Jon
Vicinity of Lexington Avenue in Warren
Phone 2: - The 800 # is during during business hours, 9:30 am to 5:00 pm EST. Basement is fairly dry with several leak areas. This basement has several thin cracks in the concrete block areas and I believe some leaking in the wall to floor seams.
Vicinity of E. Fifth Ave in Warren
I am in the navy station in Virginia. I would like a quote to waterproof my basement in Warren. I will be in Warren June 13 thru the 20th.
Vicinity of in Warren
I have water comin in one side of my basement.

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