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Waterproofing Specialties is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Olean. Learn more about Waterproofing Specialties's recent work requests in Olean and nearby areas!

Learn more about Waterproofing Specialties, Inc.'S recent work requests in Olean, NY
Vicinity of Main St in Olean
My crawl space is damp and the underlying floor in my dining room is wet enough that it is warping my new bamboo floor. I need ventilation and a way to to dry out the area. I am having my gutters and downspouts reevaluated and possible replaced, but I want to repair the problem under the house. I am going to have foam insulation installed but he said it is to wet to do it now.
Vicinity of South Ninth Street in Olean
Leaky walls , been patched a few times, mold, very damp would like to finish basement. Needs new floor, not properly done. 1/3 wood/ 1/3 dirt 1/3 cement.
Vicinity of Johnson Road in Olean
Wet basement floor and walls.
Vicinity of West State Street in Olean
Water, mold
Vicinity of in Olean
Basement takes on water when it rains...water not flowing, but appears where wall meets floor in several specific areas. Am interested in a free estimate to eradicate the problem. I would prefer an e-mail rather that a phone call. Thank you.
Vicinity of Dean St in Olean
This home is pretty dry most of the year. However water seeps through the walls only when the ground is super saturated. We are only having a problem across the front and one side. I’m getting sick of cleaning it up with the shop vac. One room in the basement is finished and has indoor / outdoor carpet which is not yet ruined. Home was built in 1959. Foot print is 32 feet wide, 30 feet deep. Fully basement. Front has a small concrete sidewalk and shrubs. Side has a large maple tree just 10/15 feet from house. Side yard slopes to the back and we have a drainage ditch into which ground water could be delivered. I’m more in favor of sealing from the outside rather than the inside. House is currently not occupied, but will become a rental or for sale. If we keep it, it could possibly become our retirement home in approximately 10 years.
Vicinity of Irving Street in Olean
My basement basically looks like the one your website advertises. There are a few wet spots along my walls. I just want it to be waterproof so I can turn it in to a music room.
Vicinity of Wenke Rd in Olean
We have a small crawl space from a new addition that is dirt floor. We are also having water problems in the back section of our full basement. The basement is very musty smelling.
Vicinity of in Olean
We have a full concrete basement with cracks and small holes that let in water when there's rain or snow melt. We would like an assessment and free estimate. Thank you!
Vicinity of York St in Olean
Our home is 80 years old and has a poured concrete foundation, and has a full basement. We've lived in the house 20 years, and have replaced the sewer line (portion of the basement floor had to be torn up to do it) and have installed a sump pump. Needless to say, the basement is in rough shape, and we get considerable water whenever there is a heavy rain or snow melt. This happened long before the floor was torn up to replace the sewer line. We're looking for an affordable way to protect our home and make the space useable.
Vicinity of Grover Rd in Olean
I just have problems with moisture, both thru the walls and I think up thru the floor.
Vicinity of Fountain Street in Olean
Damp, at times wet, concrete floored basement. Damp, musty dirt floored crawl space. Musty, moldy odor from basement.
Vicinity of Windfall Road in Olean
Dear Sir I have an outside wall that the paint bubbles up and spots that are black (mold ?) What kind of wall board do you use to prevent mold? Thank you John

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